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a good start…

21 Nov

Bellow is a link to a list that some of the faculty and grads put together for the graduating BFA students.  It has national and international residences, grad programs, post back programs, internships and apprenticeships…Some sculpture considerations but we looked at with a ceramic lens for the most part.  The list is not the end all be all just a good start…

DOC below



Video Links to Mark and Ole’s Lecture

21 Nov

Ole’s Ceramics Lecture, November 08, 2011

Mark’s Ceramics Lecture, Thursday, November 10, 2011

Art School…structures and changes…questions

15 Nov

This article has been circulating around and i figured i would post it incase you all wanted to give it a gander…it’ from art and america a few years ago but I feel like the conversation is still very pertinent…it would be a good conversation to start as a group.


A Few Clicks

8 Nov

Victoria passed this along to me.  It’s a neat site with a bunch of smart design and a few cool fine art pieces as well. It’s worth a few clicks

So you think you can dance…

5 Nov

Random find

4 Nov

This is a pretty interesting artist that i found randomly…although she has gotten a lot of publicity recently.  Her work is a very digestible and interesting intersection between painting, performance, and photography.  There are two links below one to her site and one to a blog that has some nice image of her work…perhaps better then her site…what do think this biz?


Just a few Halloween pics

2 Nov

Thanks for hosting the shindig Mahlon and Brian!