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31 Jan

first explorations william morris and his circle_0013_01


Getting Pumped in the Studio!

31 Jan

the 3 readings for seminar

28 Jan

escaping the inexahaustable mines of bad taste_0010

01technological fetishism_0009_01

First explorations William Morris and his circle

Nice video

21 Jan

A friend of mine passed this along to me, and i thought i would share it with you all

Hold on to your pants these articles are on fire

20 Jan

Hi guys these are the readings for 1st year grad seminar. Enjoy!

art and artifact in africa_0050_01

between utensil and art_0051_1

better off…

20 Jan

Here are a few links that have come from a number of different sources for art education jobs(higher ED and others)…one of them is to the sculpture grads blog for their professional practices course here at Alfred.  Some of the others came from one of Victoria’s seminar classes.  Perhaps I’m shooting myself in the foot by sharing these, but I’d like to think if we all shared our resources, we’d all be better off… <> <>×5/files/2009/04/279days.pdf

The Case for Working With Your Hands

20 Jan

This was a good article from the NY times that Anne Currier passed along to me.  It’s not directly talking about object making or art practice, but essentially i think it is.