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Conceptualism/ Cross-cultural Readings

19 Apr








RC Blog Address

9 Apr

I thought i would put up a Link to the Blog we created for the NCECA pannel.  It has links to hundreds of residencies, nationally and internationally and some other use full information.

Readings for this week

6 Apr

Here are the readings for this next week…be prepared because we are tailoring a series of questions to each person from the readings 🙂

(lots of pictures in these so not as dense as last week…plenty of content  though)


a window into something else_0008_01

The Social History of Art


psychoanalysis in modernism_0006_1

dada surrealism heritage_0007_01


the Internets

24 Mar

Watch Off Book: Art in the Era of the Internet on PBS. See more from Off Book.

Readings for seminar

10 Mar

The world that is already there_0002_01

the united states 1941 1963_0005_01

philippe starck_0006_01

epilogue the bauhaus in america_0004_01

A hornets nest

Desktop Laser Cutter for Hobby Craft

25 Feb

Unite All Ye Scribblers the Next Meeting Will be Ours!

22 Feb