the Internets

24 Mar

Watch Off Book: Art in the Era of the Internet on PBS. See more from Off Book.


Great Article on Nothing

14 Mar

Readings for seminar

10 Mar

The world that is already there_0002_01

the united states 1941 1963_0005_01

philippe starck_0006_01

epilogue the bauhaus in america_0004_01

A hornets nest

Desktop Laser Cutter for Hobby Craft

25 Feb

Unite All Ye Scribblers the Next Meeting Will be Ours!

22 Feb

Adobe Muse

13 Feb

Trevor mentioned this when we were all talking about websites…It sounds pretty cool and it’s the beta version so its free…web design like photoshop or indesign…¬†awesome

This is the link to the Adobe site if you want to download

This weeks readings…

1 Feb

Takashi Murakami: Company Man

The Buddhist Idea of Beauty

Introduction and selected pages from Rethinking Tradition

Happy’s Curios Introduction